This blog was created with a tool I recently created, that I call Hablog for lack of a better name.

Hablog is a static blog generator written in Haskell. I mainly wrote it just as an exercise in working with Haskell's I/O libraries.

Hablog is spiritually similar to Blosxom. Each page is stored as a separate HTML-formatted text file. Additionally, Hablog expends to find an index file with a newline-delimited list of filenames. (Blosxom searches the file tree for posts, and sorts them cronologically based on the filesystem timestamp. I've historically had trouble with inaccurate file creation dates, so Hablog forces you to manually list posts in your preferred order.)

When run, Hablog builds an HTML index page from your provided index, and produces pages for your posts with auto-generated headers and footers, including "next" and "previous" links.

Hablog still has plenty of limitations. Among other issues, the header and footer code is hard-coded inside of Hablog. In the future I might add support for some sort of templating engine.

If Hablog sounds cool, check it out on GitHub.